Greetings and Welcome to Baker Visuals!
The images you see are the culmination of more then a decade of photography.  I view my work as pure fine art in that I allow myself complete flexibility in bringing my vision to life.  For it is my belief that art is meant to be felt as much as observed.  
A quality piece of art touches the soul.  It causes an emotional response.  Sometimes its pure wanderlust while other times joy is a more fitting term.  Regardless, this emotional impact shouldn’t be limited by anything less then the artists creativity.  
Every image starts with a composition that can be as simple as ripples in the sand.  Or as complex as a moon rising over a mesa amongst a gathering storm.  Either way the actual capture is onlythe beginning of the process.  From there the image is brought into post production where every nuance is perfected to bring my vision to life. Whether that involves minor tonal adjustments, or complete artistic overhauls.  The end result is an image that will hopefully stir the soul of all who view it.
Some find it easiest to compare my process to cooking.  Where the image capture is the shopping and the post production is the act of cooking the meal itself.  Just don’t ask me to cook a meal less we both be sadly disappointed.
Once my images are completed they are printed via professional labs who produce the work that reaches the end client.  These labs employ true craftsman who know all the nuances of producing art of the highest quality.  Their skill, knowledge and equipment allow them to produce the highest quality work at the most effective cost. For those who absolutely want to have an image printed by the artist, I also offer ArtistProofs which I print myself.  
I specialize in custom work tailored to your exacting tastes.  This can be as simple as a certain size image or as complex as a customimage treatment.  The only limit is your imagination.

Thanks for visiting,

 Josh Baker