All the important details we all hate to read.

+ I (The Photographer) reserve the full copyrights to all work I create including commissions.  You will receive credit in the description of your original image indefinitely.  However you can not reproduce the work in any way without my express written permission.  Along that note, my commissions are not to be misconstrued as an offer of "work for hire".  

+ ​I (The Photographer) make no guarantees to the quality of the final image or final delivery date of such image.  Due to circumstances out of my control there is a small but real chance that I will be unable to create an image meeting your standards.  Such circumstances include but are not limited to severe weather, acts of god , government shutdown, and or serious injury or illness to myself.  Rest assured that I will do everything in my power (reasonable) to deliver the image your desire in the time frame we agree on.

+ The deposit for a commission (usually 50% of total investment) is not refundable for any reason.  This is due to those funds being spent to facilitate the commission.  This includes things such as food, supplies, lodging (if applicable), fuel etc.

+ Final payment of balance of investment is due upon image approval by you (the commissioner of said image) and prior to any actual prints being ordered and or delivered.  Late fee of an additional 20% will be applied if balance is not paid in full within 60 days of image approval.

+ Here is a brief list of places that are not eligible for commissioned images.  This list is not exclusive and may change at any time without notice prior to a commission being placed. 

- Any location that is not open to the general public or that the client would not be allowed access too. Such as military installations, nuclear power plants or secure government facilities. 

Any country or area that is under a United States Department of State Travel Ban or where personal safety threats to US citizens are above a manageable level. These include the nations of Iraq, North Korea and Afghanistan for example. 

- Inaccessible or completely impractical locations. Any area that is simply inaccessible or impractical to reach or create images at.  These include the Marianas Trench or Summit of Mount Everest for example. The time and cost of reaching either of these two examples along with the difficulty in obtaining quality images make these two examples completely impractical to photograph for commissions. 


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