Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our bespoke landscape commissions. 

What is the cost for one of your commissions?

The cost of your particular landscape will vary based on the location and specifics of your request.  Please contact us with as much detail as possible for your commisssion and we will work on a quote that matches your needs.

What types of things affect the cost of a commission?

Many factors go into the cost of any photographic work.  Much of the cost is dictated by travel expenses such as fuel cost, vehicle use and accommodations. While other costs might be the use of special equipment or the need for permits such as when photographing private property.

How do you usually travel for a commission?

Due to the amount of gear I carry and the locations I tend to photograph, I most often drive to the location.  From there I usually find a campsite as close as practical to the site where I base myself for the duration.  It is from there that I will work on logistics thru final image review.  Once the commissions for that trip are complete, I drive back home where final editing and image creation takes place.

When will my image be created?

Your commissioned image will be created within the timeframe outlined.  Things like weather and season can greatly impact the time from commission to creation of the image.  For instance if a client was to request a fall scene with the changing leaves over Bear Lake in Rocky Mountian National Park, that image can only usually be created in the month of September.  Therefore it could take several months between commission and actual image creation. 

Can I name the final image?

Absolutely. there is nothing as great as choosing a fitting name for a finished piece of art.  Once the work is completed, or earlier if you so desire, you will be given the chance to name your image.  That name will stay with the original image forever and you will be credited with the image in the description as well.  The only limitations exclude derogatory, threatening or phrases etc protected by law such as trademarks.     

How long does the total commission process take?

Figure the discussion or commission itself will take roughly a week to evolve into a final plan.  During that time we will discuss things such as location, the time of day and the general composition of the image.  From there a quote will be provided and the travel will be booked once a 50% non-refundable deposit is recieved. 

The actual image creation can take anywhere from a couple days to over a month depending on the variables the client requests. Once the image is created it is my goal to have the final print in the hands of the client within one months time.

Do I own the rights to the work I commission from you?

No, as a photographer I maintain full copyrights to all work that I create.  While you will be given credit for your sponsorship of the image, I will maintain the ability to alter and sell the image once you have received your final product.  The offer of commissions is not an offer for "work for hire" and should not be misconstrued as such.

​Can you guarantee the exact image I have envisioned?

While it is certainly my goal to deliver the exact image of your dreams, there are certain things that are out of my control.  One of these major things is simply the weather.  There is no way that I can predict the weather 24 hours in advance much less months in advance.  While I will work tirelessly to wait out the storm or clear skies, we all have our limits.  If for some reason the duration of the time planned for the commission is waining and I haven't captured your desired image, I will make every reasonable attempt to contact you.  At that point we can discuss options and any costs associated.

​After the downpayment, when do I have to pay off the balance?

The balance for a commission is due once the final image is approved by you but prior to the order of any actual print(s).  This assures that you won't make the full investment for a commissioned image that you don't love.

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