I am proud to announce that I am now offering luxury landscape image commissions of the highest quality.  

For centuries people of means have commissioned artists of various crafts to go out and document particular parts of the world.  Many of those pieces now hang in galleries, museums and personal collections world wide showcasing the beauty and grandeur of a day long past. Now those living today can experience the same luxury in a modern style.

While most commission artists these days specialize in portraiture, I offer a very different sort of commission. As a landscape photographer I am willing to travel the country (and world if needed) to document the place that means something to you.  Whether that be the Urban landscape of a city or the back country of the Alpine Tundra. There is almost nowhere that I won't travel for your image. 

With commissions starting for around $750 you can be assured that any reasonable request can be honored. So let's partner on making the image of your dreams a reality.  We're just an email away from starting a great artistic partnership.

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