Some people have asked how they might be able to help propel this project along.  Of course the easiest thing would be to ask for donations since we all know that cash is king.  However what we need is far more valuable then your money.  We need your help.  Whether that be in the form of simple suggestions / ideas for places or subjects to photograph or more technical skills such as pre-production planning.  Whatever help you can donate would be much appreciated. 

Things that we know we could use a hand with are numerous.  But I'll take a second to note some of the major points.

1) Technical Scouting:  We need information about the places people recommend us to check out for the project.  Things like time of best light, weather conditions, challenges particular to that area (such as hard to access spots or hidden dangers).  Any and all information is important but actual photographs or video (if your really high speed) would be best.  Obviously newer info is great however photo's that are fairly recent from your collection would even be a great help.

2) Logistical Support:  Do you know of some great places to stay at an even better price?  Or how about the best places to grab an inexpensive meal while on the run in your area?  If it looks like we might be crossing through your neck of the woods, drop us a note.  After all, hunger isn't going to help anyone.  Or how about traffic areas that are absolute nightmares to navigate.  If you have any information that might help this project run smoother, drop us a note and we'll try and heed your advice / warnings.

3) Ideas / Suggestions:  The absolutely most important thing we can get is your thoughts and suggestions on places to go and things to include in this project.  Sure we have our own ideas but this project is meant to be larger then ourselves.  That said, any thoughts no matter how well thought out are appreciated.  While we may not be able to include all of them in the final plan, we will most certainly take into consideration every last recommendation.


Think you would like to help us propel this project into fruition?  Enquire

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